Plymouth Satellite Hemi

When I’m looking for muscle in a car, I go for the old school models. The 1960s were the Golden Age of the American Muscle Car, and all across our country conscientious auto owners have taken the time and poured in the work to keep their performance machines up and running. Among the best (and perhaps most neglected) of the great muscle cars was the Plymouth Satellite, particularly the Hemi models. Here’s a quick look at this terrific piece of Detroit engineering at its peak.

Plymouth Satellite Hemi

Plymouth Satellite Hemi

The Satellite was produced as Plymouth’s top of the line model starting in 1964, all models being V8s. In 1966 Plymouth released the first ever Satellite Hemi—a performance machine to end all performance machines. Offering 425 horsepower and 490lbft of torque, the Hemi model blew away even the other Satellites then being sold. This model is the definition of muscle, and with its sleek and simple design, it is still being snatched up by smart car enthusiasts everywhere.

Like all Hemi models, the Satellite Hemi sees a drop off in performance at low RPMs, but with get up and go like this you’ll hardly have to worry much about that. Some owners have complained that emissions standards put forward since the free-wheeling 60s have been difficult to meet in their classic car. With some smart tuning and maintenance, however, you can probably get by in your state and county. Nobody buys a classic Plymouth muscle car who doesn’t dig tinkering under the hood, so we’ll assume this might just be a selling point.

Finding a well-maintained Plymouth Satellite Hemi might seem like a chore in and of itself. What you may not know is that eBay has emerged in recent years as a godsend for classic car enthusiasts and collectors. Numerous models are available on eBay, and you can probably find a great deal on one of the remaining Plymouth Satellite Hemis out there. In good condition you can expect to pay less than $4,000 for one of these babies—that means for less than you’d pay for some boring used sedan or minivan you can get into a muscle car that'll blow the doors off the competition.

Things are tough for Detroit right now, but anybody who's felt the rumble and roar of classic American automobiles knows that the glorious past can live in your garage. Check out eBay for your Plymouth Satellite Hemi today!

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