Plymouth GTX Hemi

The 1967 to 1971 Plymouth GTX was pure poetry in motion when it came to speed machines. This car conjures up memories of the old 50's and 60's drag racing, and old Jan and Dean songs. The car lived for the road, and hugged the turns like a true hot rod should.

Plymouth GTX Hemi

Plymouth GTX Hemi

The extra suspension system and multiple added features including levers, made turns in the GTX to be like gliding on glass. When you started her up, the ground thumped to life.

It was one of the early ground pounders, and it was the stock engine.

The sleek look screamed speed, and it was almost as if the car leaned forward. The body style gave you that feeling that it was ready to lurch forward at any minute.

They shook like a washing machine on the spin cycle. When you would finally pop the hood to unleash the monster, that eight valve hemi would sit there and purr. As that engine rattled, heaving like it was suspended in space, these valves would unleash and the entire motor would roar to life. The phenomenal pressure of the power coming off of that engine would rattle your chest. You felt as if you were being privy to something that was top secret and only certain people were allowed to see.

This unbelievable hemi engine was a phenomenal piece of luxury, and was an additional price to this great American muscle car, and rumor has it that only 700 - 720 people paid the extra price of five hundred and forty six dollars. However, considering it was a 1/4 of the car's original price, it would have to have been seen as a great opportunity to those that did.

Because those lucky customers popped the hood and laid their eyes on an engine that is impossible to be a disappointment. Chrysler actually called the engine their "super commando 440", a V-8 rated at an unbelievable 425bhp.

The cars that were equipped with the hemi 440's were called the street sweepers, on account of their ability to blow or sweep any one away.

This unbelievable American car industry dream of collectors, manufacturers, and race car enthusiasts is a grand fine and sought after piece of machinery to this day. It was a superb marriage of great design, wonderful engineering, and a fantastic engine.

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