Plymouth Barracuda Hemi

I was looking online for classic cars for sale near my home, but not just any classic car: I was looking for one of my favorites, a 1968 Hot Rod Plymouth Barracuda. I have had a deep desire to have one my whole driving life and I am bound and determined to have one before I get any older! My friends told me the best place to look for one was on eBay, so that's where I started looking.

Plymouth Barracuda Hemi

Plymouth Barracuda Hemi

Hemi engines are the cream of the crop when it comes to powering muscle cars. When Chrysler first came out with the second generation Hemis back in the 60's it was the engine of choice for every guy over the age of 16. The internal combustion of the engine was significantly increased due to the combustion chamber's odd bowl shape.

The Hemi Cuda is a rock solid engine and body with the guts and speed to take you around the track or around the world!

My older brother used to have a Plymouth Barracuda. He would never let me drive it, and only on the most special of occasions would he let me ride in it. But boy what rides they were! He loved that car, and spent hours detailing it out before he would go on dates. I can still remember vividly the feeling when he stomped on the gas and made the tires squeal, and the rubber he could lay when he spun those tires. The power of the acceleration would throw you back against your seat like you were taking off in an airplane. That's kind of funny because that's where Hemi engines got their start, in aircraft.

I don't know what ever made him sell his Hot Rod Cuda, but it may have been because he was turning into a family man and had to give up his Hemi Cuda. Maybe it was low gas mileage, maybe he spent too much on tires, but what I really think it was is that he got tired of paying for all the speeding tickets he got driving his hot rod Cuda. Whatever it was, it's going to really hurt his feelings when I pull into his driveway in the Plymouth Barracuda I just found on eBay.

As I said, the Plymouth Barracuda has always been my dream car, and my older brother? Yep, he's going to be really jealous of his younger sister!

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