Dodge Durango Limited Hemi

I'd been looking all over for a good used 2004 Dodge Durango Limited, but the ones I had been able to find weren't in the condition I would like. Disappointingly, the Hemi Durangos I had been able to find in the newspaper and traditional car magazines had taken me from one end of the city to the other, and I still didn't have one.

Dodge Durango Limited Hemi

Dodge Durango Limited Hemi

When the Dodge Durango Limited came out, I was really impressed with its looks. Yes, it's an SUV, but I think it looks like a man's SUV. With the hemi engine under the hood, it's got more than enough guts to pull my travel trailer for deer hunting season, my bass boat during fishing weekends and pull a flat bed trailer if I happen to get elected to help move my in-laws to their new house. My wife seems to think that it looks like a woman's SUV and will do just great when taking the kids, their friends and all their equipment to soccer practice, too.

I test drove a Dodge Durango Limited several years ago at a dealership. Though I really liked the vehicle, as well as the special features it had, I couldn't afford a new vehicle at the time. I still can't afford huge monthly payments, but I have enough money saved up to afford a good used vehicle. My best buddy at work said he found a great deal on his SUV on eBay, so that's where I thought I'd try to find one for myself.

When I started to look on eBay for the Hemi Durango I wanted, there were a lot from which to choose. Lots of year models, colors, options and price ranges. I narrowed down my search to ones that were listed to within just a short distance from where I live, and I still had my choice of more than twenty SUVs!

I pared down my list to just a few when I found the exact Hemi Durango I was looking for, and it's even the same color I test drove! It's got a great sound system, four-wheel drive, lots of chrome and not a dent or blemish on it. I couldn't afford it when it was new, but you know what? It's new to me! I even have a little money left over for some new fishing tackle. I'm so glad I looked for my Dodge Durango Limited on eBay.

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