Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi

The Dodge Challenger R/T (Hemi Challenger) is a monster of a car featuring a 5.7 Liter V-8 HEMI® engine that puts out 372 hp and 401 pounds of torque. The five-speed transmission comes in automatic or manual with a remote start system. When you are out driving, this car makes the ride smooth with an electronic stability program and all-speed traction control, smoothing out the bumps along the road.

Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi

Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi

If you're wondering about fuel economy, I look to the 3.06 axle ratio, which drops the engine revolutions per minute and increases the car’s efficiency in using fuel. This also makes acceleration better, and improves the car's ability to take on steep hills and when hauling loads.

I love this car’s sharp look that is enhanced by the 18 inch aluminum wheels which are all season from Michelin that roll into the sleek, smooth muscle car design. I love this car because it says nothing but power. The design is even enhanced with foldaway power mirrors.

Inside, the driver can relax in a lumbar adjustable seat which can be changed eight different ways, and a great four speaker sound system that has MP3 capability, CD player, and an FM/AM radio. The bucket seats are cloth covered, and for the family this car features anchorages to hold child seats safe and secure. The front passenger even has the lumbar adjustment included. The safety features included protecting all passengers and the driver, the Dodge Challenger has side curtain front and rear air bags and power locks that are speed sensitive to keep everyone safe and secure.

I was amazed to learn that the engineering included in the front airbags which have a multistage system built into them. This means that when an accident occurs that the car's airbags will sense the amount of impact and adjust how much they will inflate to protect the passengers. This level of engineering makes for safer ride for everyone.

I enjoy the sleek design, interior features, and the power that this car offers a serious driver. EBay is a great place to locate your Dodge Challenger R/T with the powerful HEMI has thorough descriptions of all features and specifications including multiple pictures showing you the car inside and out all around. Shopping for one is made easy and you don't even have to drive to the dealer to find your dream car.

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