Dodge Challenger Hemi

The Dodge Challenger Hemi is a unique and fascinating muscle car. The history of this car takes us back to the year I was born, hence my natural born obsession. It was Dodge's version of the Mustang and Camaro of it's time.

Dodge Challenger Hemi

Dodge Challenger Hemi

So, it's no wonder that with Chevy bringing back the Camaro and Ford revamping the Mustang that this monster of a car was going to make it's way back on the scene. On February 6th, 2008, Dodge released the most prominent pony car ever. Dodge took it back to the early elements of design. Car designers at Dodge did reluctantly change the chassis to a shortened wheel base.

All throughout the 70's and some of the 80's there were many different variations of the Dodge Challenger. Yet, the heavy set two door coupe fell off the list when sleeker sports cars came forth.

But now, the third generation Dodge Challenger with a Hemi engine is back with much attitude. The Hemi engine was designed to give a car more power. It got it's name from the hemispherical shaped combustion chamber meaning it's shaped like half a sphere. The valves for both fuel and exhaust open and close right in the top of the hemisphere. In a flat head engine, the valves are typically located within the block off to the side of the combustion chamber. With the igniting of fuel and exhaust taking place right in the chamber itself, the reaction sets off at a faster pace giving the car it's raw power.

With a car like the Dodge Challenger, the Hemi engine has upped it's game as well with both a 5.7L and a 6.1L availability.

You can get the Challenger with an automatic shifting engine, but why drive a car when it can be driven? Dodge has changed the tranny as well to give it a much more aggressive launch from gear to gear without making it a rough shift.

The only con I see is that the wheel base is shorter. It's what set the Challenger apart from it's twin body style the Barracuda by Plymouth. The Barracuda was slightly shorter. For street racers old and new, the longer body style could catch air when all the power torqued to the rear end, thrusting the front end upward.

Check out eBay for Dodge Challengers. It's a great place to get a great deal on the Hemi Challenger.

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