Ford 5-Window Coupe

Hitting the road in a Ford 1932 5-window coupe

There was a satisfyingly throaty roar from the engine as I eased out onto the open road; test driving the Ford 1932 was a thrill I’ll not soon forget. Anyone who watched the classic ZZ Top video clip with envy, (Not the same car, but a close relation to it) knows how I felt opening up the rebuilt Ford engine, happy the owner had thought to replace the standard brakes with modern disc ones, better to control all that power under the hood. At least I was sure it could stop in a straight line.

Ford 5-Window Coupe

Ford 5-Window Coupe

Under the hood of this beauty not a trace of rust or wear remains, all replaced and shiny enough to see your face in. The engine set up, known as a “Hemi”, from the hemispherical combustion chamber design, produced enough power to blow my head off, not being bothered one bit by the extra weight gained from this configuration. Not too sure how well the new engine meets environmental standards; as they were notorious polluters in their day.

There are probably more Ford 5 Window models on the road these days than when they first rolled out of the factory yard, in 1932. Seeing them all tricked out and back on the road is a thrill to the serious old car lover, like me. This car had spent years rusting in the yard of a Wisconsin farm, so the body needed not only rebuilding, but replacement of most parts. The present Candy Apple red paint job just makes it look more dangerous than the more traditional black, as it thunders past older folks who may well have driven a new model in their younger days.

Buying one of these vintage cars is an investment and a great pleasure for classic car enthusiasts, who scour E-Bay adverts for new ones coming onto the market. Many a man has gone searching for the car he owned in high school, as I did, with the Ford 5-Window. It brings back great memories. Mine is not used for Hot Rod racing any more, but the original owner had that sport in mind when working on it, hence the finely tuned extra-crispy roar on pulling away from the curb. Thrilled as I was to win the E-Bay auction for this car, I made sure all the documentation came with it, including sources for all the replacement parts, in case of needing to replace them.

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