Dodge Charger Hot Rod Hemi 426

When you think of America's glory days what comes to mind? The first thing that pops in my head is the 1966 Dodge Charger, a true classic muscle car, and personally, one of my favorites. The standard engine in the '66 Dodge Charger was the 383 cubic inch, 325-horsepower V-8.

Dodge Charger Hot Rod Hemi 426

Dodge Charger Hot Rod Hemi 426

There are a lot of qualities that you will only find in the 66 Hot rod, so let me point out a few of those starting with the design and the fact that the unique bowl shaped combustion chamber allows the valves of the engine to be angled instead of the typical side by side and gives it a huge advantage when comparing it to other classic cars of it's time.

The design although brilliant, does have some minor disadvantages, one being that it limits us to the number of valves that can be installed, if you install 5 or more, it won't perform correctly. The intake and exhaust valve stems also point in different directions, making for a more complicated rocker arms setup in overhead valve engines, and it increases the space taken by the cylinder head.

Another cool fact about fastback is that in 1966 Dodge took the Charger into NASCAR, confident that the Hemi would guarantee a win. But, in the end the car had a rear end lift around the corners, causing the lift to act like an airplane wing. After the race, drivers complained that driving the Hemi on the track was "like driving on ice." Dodge went straight to work in fixing the problem, installing a small spoiler on the trunk lid improving the traction of the car above 150 miles per hour.

One thing is certain, if you have ever drove the classic, you will agree that it is a experience like no other. If you are trying to find parts for your Hemi, or are considering owning one yourself, I would reccomend that you search on e-bay right now. They have everything you'll need to spruce up your charger, replace parts, and even purchace a Hot Rod Hemi Charger. I know from first hand experience that this car does not dissapoint!

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