Dodge Charger Dukes Hemi

Dodge Charger Duke and the Hemi (The General Lee)

Most of the baby boomers and a few younger ones remember when the Dukes of Hazards raced across our TV screen in their 1969, Dodge Charger, the General Lee. It was a classy looking muscle car with a powerful engine and a sporty look. No one could catch them, as they raced about to make good come out of a bad situation. This show sparked a lot of interest in the Dodge Charger and the Hemi engine. Ah, those were the days of unique cars with personality that fit the driver and with power that made your adrenalin peak. The Dodge Charger had a Hemi engine that gave it its power. Hemi is short for, Hemispherical, meaning semi-circular.

Dodge Charger Dukes Hemi

Dodge Charger Dukes Hemi

The Hemi engine had a unique design that was different from the straight-line flat head engine. The combustion chamber, resourcefully burned up the fuel/air mixture, and the engine so efficient that is was capable of producing so much more horsepower than other vehicles on the road at that time.

It was fun to drive the Dodge Charger with its Hemi engine. Behind the wheel, you felt the thrill of taking off and crusing down the road. The power of the car, combined with the horsepower of the engine, sent an exuberant feeling through your body. You sense an oneness that you cannot explain between the man and his car.

Drawbacks to the Hemi engine, was low rpm, it was heavy causing increased production costs and had bad emissions problems. Nevertheless, despite the drawbacks the Dodge Charger, with its Hemi engine, it made it into NASCAR history in 1964. That is when the Hemi had made its statement of magnitude in the muscle car era. While other cars had a three speed manual transmission, the Hemi had a four speed manual transmission. It became the King at the racetracks and won many races.

If you are a adamant car lover and you still love the thrill of driving a vehicle that has a class of all its own, you will love going to eBay and see the Dodge Charger of the 60’s in its restored beauty with the Hemi engine.

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