Chysler New Yorker Hot Rod

Every car guy knows full well that when it comes to performance engines, the Hemi is king. Richard Petty became “the king” of NASCAR driving with a Hemi under the hood. The Hemi was even banned from NASCAR in 1965 after its highly successful first season in stock car racing. Hemi motors have been blowing the doors off the competition on drag strip, dirt tracks, and super speedways ever since.

Chysler New Yorker Hot Rod

Chysler New Yorker Hot Rod

The Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe was one of the most popular cars of the 1950’s. While not bad looking, it was not as prized for its style as some other cars of that era, but it was an engineering marvel. The New Yorker Deluxe’s of that era were powered by the new Chrysler 331 V-8 with hemispherical- head combustion chambers. That’s right boys and girls, it had a Hemi! The stated purpose of the hemi heads in the early fifties’ New Yorker was a combination of performance and efficiency. The 331 V-8 had a lower compression ratio, and produced a lot more power than comparably sized Hemi motors. All that and it was able to run on lower-octane fuel than other Hemi motors. The 331 was definitely another great moment in the history of the legendary Hemi motor.

There were several different body styles of the Hemi New Yorker. It came in sedan, club coupe, Newport hardtop, convertible, and town and country wagon models. The 4-door sedan was by far the most popular version. Convertible models are the most highly prized by collectors today.

Chryslers may have lost many sales to Fords and Chevys of that era because of visual appeal, but the New Yorker Deluxe is not a bad looking car. But, car guys and the general public knew then what they still know today; Chrysler has always been on the leading edge of keeping drivers on the edge of their seats. The Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe is an exciting car to drive.

A quick search on E-bay reveals that there are many restored hot rod New Yorkers just waiting for next lucky soul to experience the exhilaration they offer. It’s also fun to pat the hood, smile really big and say, “It’s got a Hemi”.

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