Chrysler New Yorker Sedan Hemi

The Chrysler New Yorker Sedan was very popular when the car was first on the market in the early 1950's. The cars boxy lines as well as the new V8 Hemi made it a must have.

In the 1951 to 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Sedans there was a great need for a fast car with an outstanding performance and thank to the V8 Hemi this was made possible. The stock car oval tracks took a liking to the Chrysler New Yorker Sedans because of their quickness and when the owners of the Nascar cars heard the news they were ecstatic with excitement that they would be able to run a V8 engine with a hemi in their cars.

In 1954 some work was done on the Chrysler New Yorker to give it a new sleeker appearance but after slumping sales in 1954 the Chrysler company decided to go back to the original look of the past years. The sales dropped from about 170,000 cars per year to nearly 100,000 which was a 70,000 car decrease and Chrysler seemed to be in trouble. Chrysler sent individuals out to find out what the problem was with the slumping number of sales and found out there was not enough power, that is how the V8 hemi was born.

The hemi being placed in the hottest Chrysler car, the Chrysler New Yorker Sedan, started a huge trend in the Chrysler factories. The Hemi was such a huge hit that they began putting it in more of their automobiles.

Most of the Chrysler New Yorker Sedans being sold these days come with an 8 Cylinder Hemi Engine, Automatic, Power Steering and Power Brakes. There are other options available as well to fit your needs.

The Chrysler New Yorker Hot Rod can be seen on drag strips all over the country. This car has won many trophies on those drag strips and it is all due to the awesome Hemi engine that is ran in them.

Needless to say the Hemi engine in both the Chrysler New Yorker Sedan and the Hot Rod makes these cars what they are today which is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship.

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