HEMI Engine Specifications

When you're talking about a HEMI engine, you're primarily talking about power. This popular engine has become the main reason to spend your money on a truck or vehicle that features it. When talking power, the HEMI started its career in the first generation with the ability to put out around 345 horsepower and 375 pounds of torque from a 5.7 liter engine (in the Dodge Ram pickup).

Hemi Engine Specifications

Hemi Engine Specifications

When the second generation came around, this increased to around 390 horsepower and 407 pounds of torque in the 2009 Ram model. The second-generation model (in the 2009 Dodge Ram) actually has the ability to shut off four of its cylinders to increase fuel efficiency while driving. This makes the car or truck more attractive to those whose primary concern is saving money when it comes to filling their gas tank. Chrysler has given some tips for HEMI engine users to make their gas mileage go further by: driving the vehicle at or under 65 mph, gradually accelerate the vehicle, using the cruise control while highway driving, and utilize a steady foot on the throttle.

Another feature on this engine is that while shifting, the engine computer automatically reduces the torque to give the transmission a longer lifespan. This has caused, in the past, for the transmission to hesitate slightly while shifting, but the problem has been fixed with newer software for the engine's computer. This feature is referred to as MDS, or the Multi Displacement System, which automatically shuts off four of its cylinders when the V8’s power isn’t needed. According to the manufacturer, this not only improves fuel efficiency but also increases the vehicle's level of performance. The focus on the new HEMI versions is to reduce pollutants in the form of ozone emissions with its re-engineering and re-design. This engine can be made to use E85, but the manufacturer states that there is not enough demand to do this.

To reduce the weight of the over all engine, the newer version is precision cast. This makes the new HEMI lighter in weight than an average 5.7 liter engine. For peak performance, the engine features dual sparkplugs per cylinder, making for consistent and speedy combustion, which ups the power and torque, better fuel usage, and reduces emissions. In the end though, it is still the power that makes the HEMI an impressive engine for your dollar.

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