Hemi Cars

Hemi Cars Have Long Been Outstanding

If you are a car lover then you know of the Hemi cars and you remember the big splash these cars made in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Even if you don't remember those olden days but if you like those big muscle cars or like drag racing, then you know of the power of the Hemi cars. The Hemi actually refers to the 426 Hemi engine, especially known for its performance. But now Chrysler has brought out the new 2003 Dodge truck with the newly integrated, technologically advanced HEMI engines.

Hemi Cars

Hemi Cars

Over the years Chrysler has improved the Hemi cars. Their first release was in 1956, when they put out a 354 cubic inch engine and then bettered the design in 1957 with an innovative 392 cubic inch design, later in 1964 the 426 engine made the HEMI a true legend, and that engine won several of the NASCAR races back in its day. Today the 426 block is still available in Dodge models and is a powerful engine used in drag racing, and muscle cars.

Recently the Hemi car has made a comeback, and become very popular among new car buyers. It has been added to several of the Chrysler trucks and cars. In 2005 it was rated as being one of the most important reasons why people bought the car or truck. This new 5.7 engine in the Hemi cars give the driver up to 390 horsepower and 407 lb ft of tork, especially in the 2009 Dodge Ram. But new technology allows it to shut off four cylinders whenever possible, allowing for good mileage too. In the 2009 Dodge Challenger, the Hemi engine produces 356 hp, and in the Aspen Durango 359 hp.

When rated by the experts the Hemi engine tends to stand out against many of the competitors engine models. It gives the driver the pick up and speed it needs, but with newer technology that also allows the vehicle to be a gas saver too. The Hemi cars have long been an outstanding vehicle and will continue to be just that for many years to come. Hemi technology is outstanding and long loved by many that truly love to feel the power and speed of a magnificently made car. For more great newer or classic model cars equipped with the Hemi engines come to eBay.

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